VIDEO: Chanel Lewis Gives Confession, Then Asks Who Prosecutors Are

In these videos, obtained from the Queens DA, Chanel Lewis gives a statement to Queens prosecutors confessing to the murder of Howard Beach resident Karina Vetrano.

After the confession, Lewis asked who prosecutors Assistant District Attorneys Peter McCormack and Michael Curtis were:

“Anything you want to say to us before we wrap this up?” Curtis asked.

“Where do we go from here?” Lewis said.

“I don’t know,” McCormack said.

“You’re the attorney right?” Lewis said.

“I’m the Assistant DA, yes,” McCormack said.

“The attorney is somewhere else right,” Lewis said.

“Later on,” McCormack said.

“What’s gonna happen from here,” Lewis said.

“We’ll see. We’ll see,” McCormack said.

“Restitution or a program?” Lewis said.

“I can’t say,” McCormack said.

Ed. Note: Separating the videos was not an editorial decision. The Queens District Attorney’s office provided the two videos as different files.