NYPD Announces Release of ‘Behind The Scenes’ Photo Book

Condren-Cover-Web: The cover of “NYPD – Behind the Scenes.” Photo courtesy of the NYCPF.

Condren-Cover-Web: The cover of “NYPD – Behind the Scenes.” Photo courtesy of the NYCPF.

By Jonathan Sperling

A new photo book showcases some of New York’s Finest fighting crime and connecting with citizens, with proceeds going toward the New York City Police Foundation (NYCPF), the force announced on Friday.

The photo book, entitled “NYPD: Behind the Scenes,” features images taken over the course of the past two years of some of the department’s 36,000 officers as they fought crime and connected with civilians. Award-winning photojournalist Mark Condren is behind the collection of over 200 images.

“What I like most about these photos is that they capture such a wide array of the many functions of New York City’s police,” said NYPD Commissioner James P. O’Neill in a statement. “Because so much of it might seem routine to us in the moment. Because in that instant, it is sometimes difficult to recognize the gravity of a singular situation – or to maybe realize what a positive, lasting effect a simple interaction with a young person in an impoverished neighborhood might have on that boy or girl. There are images here of heartbreak and heroism, and of melancholy and surprising beauty. And every one of them freezes in time what it is that NYPD cops do better than anyone else, anywhere.”

The book is available for purchase at https://www.nycpolicefoundation.org for $49.99. Each sale benefits the NYCPF, an independent, non-profit organization that was established in 1971 to provide resources to and promote the activities of the NYPD.

“This book portrays a beautiful glimpse into the tireless work of NYPD police officers who keep New York City safe every single day. The New York City Police Foundation supports public safety initiatives that help strengthen the relationship between New Yorkers and law enforcement, and this book is a wonderful example of just that,” Susan Birnbaum, New York City Police Foundation President and CEO, said in a statement. “We are proud to support this effort and celebrate the work of the NYPD, and are grateful for the collaboration with Mark Condren who captured so many incredible images.