Top 10 Tweets: Queens Responds to Amazon's Arrival

By David Brand

Earlier this week, Mayor Bill de Blasio and Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that Amazon would set up shop in Long Island City. As a reward for picking LIC, the corporate behemoth — valued at roughly $1 trillion — will also receive more than $3 billion in tax breaks and subsidies.

Over on Twitter, the response wasn’t pretty.

Queens leaders, celebrities, community activists, reporters and everyday residents condemned the corporate welfare and questioned why the city and state would give money to Amazon instead of, say, the decrepit subway system. News also broke that the project could prevent the creation of 1,500 units of desperately needed affordable housing, ramping up existing concerns about rising rents and displacement.

Despite the backlash, many Queens residents have welcomed Amazon, confident in the company’s pledge to generate thousands of job opportunities.

Here are the Top 10 Queens Tweets in response to Amazon’s arrival:

But at least one Queens institution welcomed the massive corporation:

So did the spokesperson for the New York City Economic Development Corporation, which is shepherding the Amazon deal: