A local's guide to Arverne and Far Rockaway

A couple enjoys the beach in Far Rockaway.  Eagle  file photo by Katie Finkowski

A couple enjoys the beach in Far Rockaway. Eagle file photo by Katie Finkowski

After noticing a significant gap in the New York City tourism website's Queens coverage, we asked readers to submit their suggestions for things to do, places to eat and sites to visit in their favorite neighborhoods — and they responded!

The NYCGo site only profiled nine Queens neighborhoods, so we're bringing you our readers' responses for what to do in the dozens of communities that make our borough the best in the world.

For our first installment in our experts' guide to Queens communities, Far Rockaway native Khaleel Anderson submitted his favorite spots in Arverne and Far Rockaway. Anderson is a Community Board 14 member, a board member of the Rockaway Youth Task Force and a Democratic candidate for State Assembly District 31.

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The best spots in Arverne

  • Goody’s BBQ Chicken and Ribs. Goody’s has served up mouthwatering Caribbean food since it opened in 1989. 

  • Beach 68-Beach 71 — “Beautiful surf beaches,” Anderson wrote to the Eagle

  • Rockaway YMCA gym. Established in 2014, the Rockaway YMCA has the largest aquatic center located within the five boroughs, in addition to a state-of-the-art fitness center. 

…and Far Rockaway

  • Ralphs Diner — “Grab-and-go Spanish-style meals,” Anderson wrote.

  • First Presbyterian Church. Built in 1910, the church was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1986.

  • Andrerson said that Beach 9-Beach 30 were good swimming beaches.

  • Dred Surfer Grill — “Outdoor open space and restaurant feet from the ocean … great prices!” Anderson wrote. 

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