ICE agents attempt raid in Far Rockaway amid Trump crackdown

New Yorkers demonstrated against ICE raids in Corona Plaza Sunday. AP Photo/Julius Constantine Motal

New Yorkers demonstrated against ICE raids in Corona Plaza Sunday. AP Photo/Julius Constantine Motal

By David Brand

Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents have attempted at least eight confirmed raids in New York City — including one in Far Rockaway — since President Donald Trump announced an immigration crackdown in 10 major U.S. cities last week.

Video obtained by the Eagle shows a phalanx of at least six officers walking through a street along the peninsula before entering an unmarked SUV, two cars and a minivan, each double-parked. The video is shot from an apartment overlooking a street with bike pathway markings. The Eagle could not confirm the exact location of the video, but there are bike pathway markings on parts of Beach Channel Drive.  

“Now that these reports of ICE’s efforts to arrest residents in Rockaway have been confirmed, we have to ensure that every immigrant in our communities knows their rights and has a plan if they are at risk of deportation,” said Councilmember Donovan Richards. “It is truly a disturbing time when federal agents are dropping into our communities attempting to tear human beings away from their home and their family.”

Richards’ office has shared Know Your Rights information with members of the community in the district and on social media (see below).

Mayor Bill de Blasio confirmed seven other ICE raids, including six in Brooklyn and one in West Harlem, since Saturday. 

Several of those raids were previously reported by Telemundo, which shared audio with the Eagle of ICE agents attempting to enter an apartment in Sunset Park. 

The audio accompanied a dark video shot by the occupant of the  apartment that the agents were attempting to enter. The occupant spoke to the agents through the door, but did not open the door for them.

The threatened raids have generated misinformation throughout New York City. For example. a phony warning flyer was posted on the No. 7 Train in a photo shared with the Eagle.

“If you are an illegal alien, stay off the 7 train tomorrow! ICE will be doing a sweep, and you will be arrested,” the sign read.

ICE did not respond to request for comment.