Queens Library Unveils Logo Makeover, Name Change

Jonathan Sperling

It speaks your language.

That’s one of several messages included in the Queens Library’s makeover unveiled on Tuesday. The system-wide rebranding also includes an updated logo, new tagline and a renewed promise to serve the borough’s public.

The library system sports a new name, too: The Queens Public Library will “reinforce who is at the center of our work and to whom the Library belongs,” according to an official announcement.

“[The ‘We speak your language’ tagline] means we speak Spanish, Chinese, Bengali, Russian, Greek and many other tongues. It also means we speak imagination, tech, history, LGBTQ, HTML, finance, nonfiction, science fiction, storytime, chess, teens, opportunity and many other interests and pursuits,” the library system said in the announcement.

“It signals that we are in touch with the existing and emerging needs of our customers and our communities, and describes the extent to which we embrace them. The tagline says we see you, we understand you, we are here for you, and we will help you get where you want to go,” the library added.

The library’s new logo, which features a geometric letter “Q” with the new “We speak your language” motto was chosen in order to best represent “the many diverse perspectives” of the institution’s services, the library said. A purple color scheme serves as the library’s primary color, a hue that is associated with wisdom, creativity, dignity and ambition.

The library now boasts tablets loaded with Google Translate at its branches, so staff can converse in multiple languages with customers. It will also offer another type of translation device at every branch and soon pilot a language line service at several locations

Lastly, the library has launched an easier-to-use website that can be converted to over 80 languages, among other features. A full list of the new sites features is located here.