‘Racial’ Discussion Sparked Son-in-Law’s Death

85-35 139th Street in Briarwood Photo via Google Maps.

85-35 139th Street in Briarwood Photo via Google Maps.

By Christina Carrega

A Briarwood man was ordered to remain on Rikers Island without bail on Saturday for allegedly stabbing his son-in-law to death for declining to participate in a conversation on “racial issues,” according to newly released statements.

Marco Ortiz was inside his Briarwood home on 139th Street on Jan. 24 when his son-in-law Travis Ford allegedly came home intoxicated and attempted to engage in a controversial discussion.

Ortiz, 45, told detectives at the 107th Precinct that he walked away from Ford who followed behind him and threatened him. “I feel like punching you in the face,” Ford allegedly said to Ortiz.

The father-in-law and son-in-law had prior altercations before they were living under the same roof.

As Ortiz was holding his granddaughter, Ford allegedly was true to his word and punched Ortiz in the face, according to court documents. The punch brought Ortiz to his knees and caused him to drop the baby.

Ortiz said he “feared” for his life as his 31-year-old son-in-law repeatedly punched him. “I went into my pocket and pulled out my pocket knife from my left pants pocket,” said Ortiz.

Ford was stabbed in the chest and face before Ortiz called 911. Ford was taken to Jamaica Hospital Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, police said.

Afterwards, Ortiz grabbed his granddaughter and placed the murder weapon in a cup of water in the sink.

If convicted, Ortiz faces up to 25 years to life in prison for the top charge of second-degree murder.