Joyrider Steals City Bus, Goes Undetected for Hours

An MTA bus. Photo via the MTA.

An MTA bus. Photo via the MTA.

The Associated Press

Authorities say a joyrider snuck off with an empty New York City bus and took it on an hours-long adventure from the Bronx to Queens and back.

Police said Wednesday that they are searching for a suspect in Sunday's brazen heist, which was starting to gain attention after the Christmas holiday.

Police said the bus was stolen around 7:40 p.m. Sunday near the Crossings Mall in the Bronx.

GPS data shows it went to Queens before it was found a few blocks from where it was originally parked around 4 a.m. Monday, more than eight hours later.

Police say the MTA did not report the bus stolen until after it was already found.

The MTA declined to comment, citing the ongoing police investigation.