The Rumors of my Retirement Are Greatly Exaggerated

Eagle  co-publisher Michael Nussbaum. Photo courtesy of Michael Nussbaum.

Eagle co-publisher Michael Nussbaum. Photo courtesy of Michael Nussbaum.

By Michael Nussbaum

Special to the Eagle

The rumors of my retirement are greatly exaggerated.

For my many friends and business associates who have not seen me in recent months, I have been hard at work creating a new DAILY publication for the Queens legal establishment.

I am fully engaged and having a great time as publisher of the Queens Daily Eagle alongside my co-publisher Dozier Hasty. For decades, Dozier has published one of the nation’s oldest and most well received publications. The Brooklyn Daily Eagle and its parent paper, the Brooklyn Eagle, have been around since 1844 and serve as a model for other publications to emulate.

The Queens Daily Eagle fulfills my need to stay engaged in the social, political and community life in Queens, my home county. I love it.

The idea of retirement never crossed my mind. In fact, I believe retirement is a greatly overrated concept for anyone under 90. In that regard, my mother is my role model: she retired at 94

After 28 years at the weekly Queens Tribune and News Communications, a daily paper keeps me on my toes and at my desk. It’s a great feeling to know that when you have a story or a breaking event in Queens, you can publish the news and commentary in less than 24 hours in print and almost immediately online at

Many of my own family members are lawyers — and most are very good lawyers. It’s encouraging to know that I did not have to attend law school in order to report on the law and courthouse activities in Queens.

Through my work, I have discovered a whole new community of people who serve Queens on the bench and throughout the courts each and everyday.

I enjoy meeting lawyers and judges as well as the people and companies that serve the legal profession. The competence of our jurists impresses me and should serve to comfort those who come before the bench.

I have also come to appreciate the officers who work in the courtrooms and those who you meet as you pass through the magnetometers. Theirs is a vital world that many people do not see when they spend just a few hours or days on jury duty. Our paper will cover their stories as well.

So, for my friends and followers: I have not retired.

I have discovered that, at 71, I still feel excited to wake up every morning, open my computer and find the stories I want to share. I want to continue working with reporters who I respect and publish a newspaper in which I am proud to have my name appear on the masthead.

Please feel free to contact me at or Or give me a call at (917) 783-0649 — my number hasn’t changed and neither have I.