The History of NYPD's GOAL Celebrated In Film

GOAL members attended NYC Pride events. GOAL Instagram photo.

GOAL members attended NYC Pride events. GOAL Instagram photo.

By Christina Carrega

The NYPD’s Gay Officers Action League (GOAL) celebrated its rich history with a documentary screening inside a legendary Manhattan landmark Wednesday night.

The NYPD and GOAL premiered “The Journey: Gay Officers Action League” at Greenwich Village's Stonewall Inn. The short documentary celebrates the history and development of GOAL and features candid interviews on the organization’s founding, early challenges, and how GOAL continues its work today, according to an NYPD press release.

"The hard work of GOAL and its membership over the decades continues to be invaluable to our department's evolution," said Commissioner James P. O'Neill. "Together, we have been able to narrow the divide that once existed between law enforcement and the LGBTQ community.”

O'Neill said the documentary takes “an honest look” at the organization's 37-year journey.

“The most captivating part of this project is you are seeing the NYPD own a part of its history, an ugly part, something many in our community called for,” said Brian Downey, President of GOAL. “As we are knocking on the door of the 50th Anniversary of Stonewall, we hope to see more of this type of acknowledgment and look forward to facilitating a dialogue that works towards reconciliation and healing.”