Tattooed Ozone Park Rape Suspect Busted

Persaud has a distinct tattoo across is chest. Photos courtesy of the NYPD

Persaud has a distinct tattoo across is chest. Photos courtesy of the NYPD

By Christina Carrega

An Ozone Park man charged with rape was arrested earlier this week after police circulated photographs of his tattooed chest. George Persaud, 24, is charged with committing the brutal, hours-long rape of a woman, prosecutors said.

“I’m a dirty rapist. That is clearly me, I guess I raped her,” Persaud allegedly told the detectives before he was charged with first-degree rape, first-degree criminal sex act, second-degree kidnapping, first degree sexual abuse. Prosecutors shared the alleged statement during Persaud’s arraignment Thursday.

Persaud, 24, faces up to 25 years in prison for threatening to kill a 40-year-old woman with a fake gun before dragging her into a secluded area at a gas station on Atlantic Avenue and sexually assaulting her.

“The allegations in this case are very disturbing,” said Queens County District Attorney Richard A. Brown in a statement.

The attack happened over a six-hour period during the early morning of Dec. 30 near 93rd Street in South Ozone Park, authorities said.

“Don’t do anything stupid or I’ll kill you,” Persaud allegedly told the woman while cocking back the slide of a black imitation gun.

The woman fell to the ground before Persaud allegedly thrust his penis into her mouth, according to the criminal complaint.

“You wanna see somebody die today?” Persaud allegedly said after he failed to pull the woman’s pants down. The woman was wearing a jumpsuit at the time, according to the criminal complaint.

At one point, the woman got away from Persaud and ran to her car but, he allegedly caught up with her.

Persaud allegedly ordered the woman into the backseat of her car and forced his penis in her mouth again. He demanded that she take off her jumpsuit before raping her, according to the criminal complaint.  

The alleged rapist took off his sweatshirt at some point during the horrific attack and exposed his tattoo that read “Only The Strong Survive” in cursive.

When Persaud was finished he allegedly took the woman’s car keys and drove to an alleyway near 100th Street and Atlantic Avenue before leaving the scene on foot.

The woman remembered she had a spare key and drove away, prosecutors said. She was treated at a nearby hospital.

When police caught up with Persaud, he admitted to having the tattoo and identified himself in a video surveillance that was taken from nearby the crime scene. The video allegedly showed Persaud walking with the woman, according to the criminal complaint.

“The alleged culprit has now been apprehended and faces a lengthy term of incarceration for the torture and abuse inflicted on this woman, who feared for her life,” Brown said.

Queens Criminal Court Judge Scott Dunn remanded Persaud to Rikers Island until his next court date.